Ollie is the world's pickiest eater...

Ollie is the world’s pickiest eater. When he finally takes a bite of food… – POP! – he turns into the food he’s tasted, with new superpowers to boot! And he’s not the only one! His friend Leo and his little sister Poppy often join him on his adventures to magical food lands like the Wild Spaghetti West, the Prehistoric Broccolisaurus Forest and Pirate-Infested Fishstick Seas!

Though he’d never admit it to his mum, the audience suspects that Ollie always looks forward to trying the next food and launching into his next meal. Who wants to be picky when adventure awaits!

Based on the book by Sheena Macrae and in association with Mickey Rogers Media.


Genre:Animated comedy adventure
Age: 4-7
Status: Season 2 currently in Production with  CBC Kids. Currently airing on CBC Kids


Distributed by Boat Rocker Rights