If you could be anything, what would you be?

Can You Imagine That! is a show created by kids, for kids. They get to live out their wildest dreams as to what it would be like to be – a doctor, a painter or a zookeeper. And they call the shots as to exactly what they believe these real professions entail through vivid storytelling that combines their own unique voices and own original artwork.

Can You Imagine That! combines real kids in a live action green screen studio setting with the child’s own creative artwork animated in the background. The child takes centre stage in each short as they narrate their own personal story and ultimate fantasy in their chosen career. All culminating in full wardrobe, props and of course…their own music video!

Length: 52 x 5 min.
Genre: Live action/Animation
Age: Preschool
Status: Currently airing on TVOKids and Knowledge Network


Distributed by Boat Rocker Rights

Awards, Nominations & Distinctions