With the support of the Bell New Media Fund’s Legacy Program, Radical Sheep Productions and Sticky Brain Studios have recently released their much anticipated Big Comfy Couch website and three mobile apps based on the awardwinning preschool television series. An eBook, entitled Molly’s Big Day, is still in production and will be released later this year.

The three mobile apps, which complement the 100 episodes of the beloved and iconic hit show, are now available on iOS and Android. Clock Rug Time features Loonette the Clown’s famous clock rug stretch; What Would Molly Do? provides Molly the Doll’s wise advice in Thought Bubbles; and Fuzzy Wuzzy Fun is a maze game in which the user must help reunite the adorable Dustbunnies. The yet to be released eBook, Molly’s Big Day, prepares little ones for the kindergarten experience.

“As the creator and 'mother' of the show, I am thrilled to see these new ways I didn't envision back when the show was born that will deliver The Big Comfy Couch to our loyal fans - who are now all grown up with wee ones of their own ready to meet that beloved duo: Loonette and Molly. The sun may wear a red nose but the world of the Big Comfy Couch is evergreen” says Cheryl Wagner, Creator of The Big Comfy Couch.

“Big thanks to the Bell Legacy Fund for supporting this great digital adventure“, says Michelle Melanson Cuperus, VP of Production & Development for Radical Sheep. “Because of this wonderful initiative, we can now imagine a Big Comfy Couch future including a new 2D animated series entitled “Molly Goes to Clowndergarten.”

“It’s been great working with the team at Radical Sheep, bringing such a legendary children’s show to a new audience. Some of our production team watched the original show and were excited to work on the project” says Ted Brunt, Executive Producer at Sticky Brain Studios.

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Radical Sheep Productions Inc. has over 500 episodes of award winning series and successful licensing programs to its name including Yup Yups, Stella and Sam, Can You Imagine That! and The Big Comfy Couch. Radical Sheep is currently in production on Fangbone! for Disney XD Canada/DHX and The Bagel & Bagel Show for Teletoon Canada. For more information please contact John Leitch President

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