New Deals for The Big Comfy Couch

Toronto, Canada - April 19, 2013 - Radical Sheep Productions celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Big Comfy Couch, their Gemini and Emmy award-winning preschool TV series with the release of two music albums, a licensing deal with Segal Licensing, and a DVD/digital distribution deal with Fisher Klingenstein Ventures. All 100 episodes of the series will be hitting all major retail stores in the US and Canada starting June, through Fisher Klingenstein Films' retail partnership with TGG Direct. The music albums are currently available on CD Baby and iTunes.

A legacy was born when the show launched in 1993 on YTV and on PBS in 1996. With 100 half hour episodes that aired in over 30 countries, a highly successful merchandise line, and a an enduring impression on a generation of children who are now grown, The Big Comfy Couch continues to be saluted as a remarkable achievement in the history of children's television. The series was created by producer/show-runner Cheryl Wagner who saw the need for a show that encouraged kids to get up off their couch and get moving. "And have fun," Wagner reflects. "The lyrics of the theme song say it all: With a wiggle and a giggle and some goofy friends."

The series stars a bouncy young clown named Loonette, her best friend Molly the Doll, and the overstuffed Couch they play on. The Big Comfy Couch continues to be celebrated on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with over 20 million views on clips of the show and fan videos.

"This is a beloved brand that is still in high demand after an amazing 20 years," says Radical Sheep President, John Leitch. "We have great fans who have made the brand a legacy that we hope to celebrate for many more years."