Family Channel and Playhouse Disney Order Up 26 Episodes of Stella & Sam

For Immediate Release
Toronto- August 21, 2009

Acclaimed children's television producers Radical Sheep Productions and Family Channel are pleased to announce a deal to produce 26 11-minute episodes based on the beloved books "Stella" and "Sam" by Marie-Louise Gay.

The series will feature the books' main characters, the fantastic Stella, her little brother Sam and their dog Fred along with some new characters: a next-door neighbour named Felix, an energetic companion for Sam named Owen and a worldly friend for Stella named Ivy.

As Stella and Sam explore the wonders of the natural world, they engage in creative and imaginative play that takes them to the ends of the world, the top of volcanoes and onto iceflows in antarctica. Sam's ever-questioning nature continues to prompt Stella's whimsy and sense of adventure. She's keen to show her little brother all the magic and mystery of the universe, without having to leave the backyard!

John Leitch, Executive Producer and President of Radical Sheep Productions says of Stella and Sam: "We've assembled a great team of storytellers, artists and animators - all Stella enthusiasts. It's going to be a great season. The first, we hope, of many."

Mercury Filmworks, one of Canada's premier animation studios has signed on as Stella and Sam's animation house.


Stella and Sam is an animated series for boys and girls aged 3-7.